EICKnotes for Mar 19, 2014

Notes on stuff that caught my eye today:

Superstar astronaut Chris Hadfield gave a great presentation at the TED conference about how to be prepared to face your fears in space and life. His book is also a must read.

Increasing Apple rumors about its upcoming entry into the quantified health space. Re/Code takes a closer look at just what they might do with their Healthbook app.

Why would anyone still use closet indexed mutual funds any more when you can get a diversified portfolio of index ETFs for as low as 8 to 11bp. Only pay managers the higher fess who have a persistent source of alpha or a provably robust set of risk management rules.

Janet Yellen is very impressive. Her first press conference is a must watch. The FED has definitely come a long ways from the days of Alan Greenspan and his cryptic answers to questions.

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