EICKnotes for Jan 8, 2014

Defense secretary Gates Memoirs

Following in a long tradition of former cabinet secretaries telling all about how everyone else was horrible and stuff that went bad wasn’t their fault, Gates is out pushing his new book. Ashamed to say I will probably read it just for the juicy tales of life inside the Bush and Obama governments.

Bitcoin Struggles Despite Surging Price

Chinese company Alibaba is banning Bitcoin from its shopping website in a further blow to the mainstreaming of Bitcoin. So while its value may be soaring, it may be a tough year for the cyrptocurrency as hopes of immediate mainstream use fade.

How Did The Internet Get So Centralized

How is it that the internet, which was originally designed as a distributed network, become so centralized and how this has helped government entities like the NSA hack our personal information so much easier.

Commercialized Religion

An interesting post by Bronte Capital on a Taoist temple company reminded me of this picture I took while on a trip to Laos in 2012. Making them exchange traded penny stocks is new but the commercialization and monetization of religion is as old as religion itself.

Elders of Temple count money during festival

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  • Low Beta Bubble is On The Verge of Deflating (Barrons)

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