EICKnotes for Jan 7, 2014

Polar Vortex

A Polar Vortex has settled over North America causing extreme cold and leading to questions about whether this means the end of climate change. But a little Googling finds studies suggesting extreme weather and polar vortex’s are related to arctic sea ice decline, reduced snow cover, evaporation patterns, and jet stream modifications which can all be related to climate change. If still in doubt watch The Day After Tomorrow on Netflix tonight.

Mission Accomplished Japanese Style

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wrote an op-ed on Project Syndicate saying “The year 2013 saw the Japanese economy turn the corner on two decades of stagnation. And the future will become even brighter with the appearance of what we are calling the wage surprise”. While the Japanese stock market surged by 56% last year and GDP is now positive, it seems a little soon to be patting themselves on the back for “Abernomics” success.

China Reforms Show Banks

China continues with progress on their financial and political reforms. Yesterday the FT reported that China is drawing up plans to curb some shadow banking activities but to also to normalize and regulate other areas. Given that JP Morgan estimates the shadow banking activities in China was $6 trillion, a little regulation is called for.

I wish my math teacher’s had taught it like this

The fourier tranform (Revolution Analytics) and central limit theorem (Freakonometrics) explained graphically.

via Revolution Analytics
(via Revolution Analytics)

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