EICKnotes for Jan 6, 2014


CES starts today and one of the big trends continues to be wearable tech (MacRumors). But they need to hire TAG or Breitling to start designing the watches before most people will start wearing them consistently beyond the early tech adopters. While it’s super cool tech, some of this stuff is just plain ugly. Maybe Apple can make it cool. (Quartz).

A big roll-over year for sovereigns

Sovereign’s (Bloomberg) are looking at particularly big refinancing this year. All at the same time as interest rates are expected to continue rising. Probably not the most stable combination.

High frequency problems

Some crazy and illegal stuff continues to happen at a high frequency in the equity markets (ValueWalk). FINRA is looking at it closely (Quartz), but I have my doubts they can stay ahead of the problem.

What does it mean to be a Quant?

What is a Quant strategy, the general market likes to think of them as either high frequency or trend following strategies. But a quant is simple interested in creating a quantifiable method for developing trading models using a range of data including fundamental, technical, economic, news or anything else that might be considered useful or predictive. (CSSA).

Some interesting quant papers

  • How to Beat the Market with the Implied Volatility Term Structure (SSRN)
  • Algorithmic Trading with Learning (SSRN)
  • Tactical MPT and Momentum: The Modern Asset Allocation(SSRS)

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