EICKnotes for Jan 3, 2014

1 Face Off

On one coast you have a country with a rapidly declining population and a radical economic plan (The Diplomat). On the other coast, you have a country with 30 years of rapid debt fueled infrastructure growth trying to reverse course before its too late (NYT). And in between you have an uninhabited island that is disputed between the two (The Diplomat). Watch the East China Sea closely this year if the two countries need a distraction from their difficult economic situations.

2 Fido Research

I am a firm believer in the benefits of basic research and the need for public spending to support such important research. BUT sometimes you see research and wonder just what is its purpose. What is the benefit of finding out that “Dogs are sensitive to small variations in the earth’s magnetic field when defecating” (Frontiers in Zoology) or that Michigan Tech physicists believe that time travelers are among us and are using Twitter to hunt them down (GIZMag).

3 Statistics Gone Wrong

Statistics and data (small or big) can be a wonderful tool and should be used and understood by more people. But a little knowledge can sometimes be more dangerous than none if applied incorrectly. A recent example shows that the UK’s approach to deficit reduction is about right is thought to be complete nonsense (Pieria). Should you want to avoid a similar fate the (Statistics Done Wrong) helps point out many of the common mistakes.

4 Bitcoin Job Growth

Whether its a novelty or going to be the real thing, Bitcoin continues to gain acceptance, and despite its huge volatility (probably because of it) Wall Street is beginning to hire traders for the crytocurrency. (VICE). However, everyone is not convinced (Bloomberg).

  • A Small Bank in Utah has Launched Wall Streets War on the Volcker Rule (New Republic)
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  • Forex Trading System Failure: Building Systems for the Worst Case (Mechanical Forex)
  • Feature extraction over multiple representations for time series classification (SSRS)-

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