EICKnotes for Dec 9, 2013

Interesting stuff from today's news.

  • To taper or not to taper: (NYT) vs (WSJ).
  • Good article on bubble's in general (FT), also see this onion piece from 2008 (Onion). Doesn't seem like a joke now.
  • Be wary of what the smart beta sellers are selling (FT)
  • Seems to be a time of confrontation and riots (Thailand), (Ukraine), (Japan vs China vs S. Korea),(North Korea) and even (Singapore). Don’t they know it's the holiday season…
  • Jony Ive's Secret Coffee Ritual (The Blog of Tim Ferriss)
  • Heroes of the revolution (Seth Godin)
  • This comes from the guy that wrote The Wire, didn't think it could get worse did you. (Guardian)
  • 2014 just might be the year of the robots. (GIZmag), (NYT)
  • Interesting pension consultant report on the future asset allocations. (Casey Quirk)

By Jon Eickmeier | December 9, 2013 | links curated markets economics EICKnotes

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