EICKnotes for Dec 5, 2013

Interesting stuff from today's news.

  • What can we learn from 25%+ Years? (Pragmatic Capitalism)
  • Icahn Interview TIME)
  • Do madness and creativity go together (Fast Company)
  • Americans are bingeing less on houses and more on cars: Don't forget all the borrowing for education too .(Quartz)
  • Classic: Become a smarter seller, part 1 (The Aleph Blog)
  • The Economic Inefficiency of Gift Giving: Why You Shouldn't Buy Presents for the Holidays: I may be scrooge since I kept nodding reading this. (Farnam Street)

Some best photography of the year stories starting to come out. Always stunning stuff!!

  • Best photos of the year 2013 (Reuters)
  • TIME Picks the Top 10 Photos of 2013 (TIME)
  • 2013 Pictures of the Year from Agence France Press (Denver Post)
  • The 80 Most Powerful Photos of 2013 (The Roosevelts)

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