EICKnotes for Nov 28, 2013

Interesting stuff from today's news.

  1. What a Chinese hard-landing might look like (Humble Student of the Markets)
    • I'm starting to think a soft landing might not be possible, but leverage trends seem to take longer than expected to reverse than I would have originally expected.
  2. Howard Marks Client Letter (Oak Tree Capital)
    • A fund with a great long term track record and a investing philosophy that I often agree with, his letters are a must read.
  3. Thanksgiving Facts Roundup (Today I Found Out)
    • More than you will ever want to know about Thanksgiving. In general a great website that you should have in your RSS reader for a daily facts habit.
  4. CNBC Core Viewership Drops To Fresh Two Decade Low In November, Lowest Since 1993 (Zero Hedge)
    • Its quality of coverage has been declining for years and its finally catching up with them. Don't try to be the Fox News for business (yes that's you Rick Santelli), go back to sensible coverage of companies and economics, your ratings couldn't get any worse.
  5. When We Lose Antibiotics, Here's Everything Else We'll Lose Too: (Wired)
    • Lots of reasons for it but when it happens we could be in big big trouble.
  6. Harvard Yoga Scientists Find Proof of Meditation Benefit (Bloomberg)
    • Thousands of years of multiple religious traditions couldn’t have been wrong.

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