EICKnotes for Nov 27, 2013

Interesting stuff from today's news.

  • Uber-warehouses for the ultra-rich: Even the rich have junk, just a whole lot more of it. (Economist)
  • Warren Buffett Wannabe Index: There's an app for everything (Barron’s)
  • Who's good at forecasts?: No body… (Economist)
  • Mr. Market's Asset Allocation Is Still Tough To Beat: Yes follow the money, … well until you don’t. (Capital Spectator)
  • Troubled hedge fund sitting on real estate gold: Nice to see they kept everything humble and simple… (CNBC)
  • Ten things I've learned from ten years of actively investing: Seems like everyone eventually comes to the same conclusions…it just takes a while. (Monevator)
  • The secret science of stock symbols: Sounds crazy but I'm seen people buy stocks because the ticker is their initials, wife's name, funny sounding, etc. Market's efficient right?? (New Yorker)

By Jon Eickmeier | November 27, 2013 | links curated markets economics EICKnotes

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