EICKnotes for Nov 20, 2013

Interesting stuff from today's news.

  • Is $13 billion enough for all that JP Morgan did and the damage it caused? (WSJ)
  • The bad loans from all the Chinese ghost cities and excessive infrastructure are going bad (FT) and it's going to be tough for their leaders to keep it in check. (FT)
  • Having Fama and Schiller share the Nobel in economics is a great example of how much disagreement there still is in the dismal science. (Economix)
  • Great interview with Michael Mauboussin on adaptive complex systems (Compounding My Interests)
  • American inequality in six charts (NewYorker)
  • Investor Sentiment Aligned (Turnkey)

By Jon Eickmeier | November 20, 2013 | links curated markets economics EICKnotes

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