EICKnotes for Nov 11, 2013

Interesting stuff from this mornings financial news.

1. Canadian Housing

Add another singer to the chorus of Canadian housing warnings. - Canada's housing market teeters precariously (FT)

2. US Housing

The increase in mortgage rates in 2013 looks like it might be putting a damper on the still fragile US housing recovery.

  • Mortgage Payments Rise To 40% Of Consumer Incomes: A Five Year High (Zero Hedge)
  • 2 Potential Headwinds for the US Housing Market (Pragmatic Capitalism)

3. Always about the FED

The Federal Reserve seems to be struggling to eliminate the Two-Big-To-Fail problem. Fixing TBTF which requires de-leveraging financial institutions likely negates some of the monetary stimulus they continue to pump into the system through quantitative easing.

4. Some interesting academic finance papers

  • The Significance of Trading Frequency and Stop Loss in Trend Following Strategies (SSRN)
  • Investment Strategies with VIX and VSTOXX Futures (SSRN)

5. Bottom of the News

  • Investors starting to fight back against HFT through new business models (Quartz)
  • Some tips for Rob Ford (The Atlantic City)

By Jon Eickmeier | November 11, 2013 | links curated markets economics EICKnotes

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