EICKnotes for Nov 5, 2013

1. Twitter going public…

Twitter is going public and opinions on its prospect and the tech sector in general ranges from amazing to vastly overvalued.

  • Plotting The Way To IPO, Twitters Product Roadmap Has Become Too Data Driven (TechCrunch)
  • Why Twitters IPO Is a Bigger Deal Than Facebook’s (WSJ)
  • Here’s The Evidence That The Tech Sector Is In A Massive Bubble (Business Insider)

2. Where has all the vol gone?

Stock market volatility has fallen back down to historically low levels.

  • US stock market volatility lowest since 2007 (Sober Look)
  • The Evolution of the Holiday Effect in VIX Futures (VIX and More)

3. Still lots of pessimism out there though…

  • The Dangers of a Stock Market Melt-Up (NYT)
  • There Are Only Four Things That Can Trigger A Stock Market Correction (Business Insider)

4. Algorithms everywhere

  • Puny human analysts to be crushed by algorithmic steamroller (FT)
  • Smart Beta Equity ETFs Gather $45B YTD (IndexUniverse)
  • Amazon Mines Its Data Trove to Bet on TV’s Next Hit (WSJ)
  • Finding Reversal Zone in Intraday FX prices (The R Trader)

5. Best of the rest

  • Great Expectations, Deferred (Econbrowser)
  • The Juxtaposition of Humility and Arrogances (Feld Thoughts)
  • Helping Clients To Switch Behavior By Directing The Rider, Motivating The Elephant, And Shaping The Path (Nerd’s Eye View)
  • The Error-Proof Portfolio: Do These Popular Investments Add Diversification? (Morningstar)
  • A book for the ever growing reading list (Reading the Markets)

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