Jon is a successful capital markets practitioner with 10+ years of experience in portfolio management, risk management, and technology roles, with a specialized focus in financial modeling and trading strategy design.

In the past he has:
  • Built an excellent record of achievement through increasingly responsible risk management, technology and front office positions at TD Securities.
  • Has strong financial aptitude with quantitative models, fixed income securities, derivatives, risk management techniques, and fundamental company analysis with experience implementing models within excel, VB, MATLAB, Python and R.
  • Supported international credit and equities businesses in research, strategy design, trade execution and P&L attribution.
  • Proficient in VB.net, SQL, MATLAB, R, Python, Bloomberg API, Reuters API, Riskwatch, Calypso and Summit.
  • Is a holder of the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) designation

Additionally, in his spare time he enjoys photography and maintains award winning photography at Myglobalmasters.com

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